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Don’t get it Right. Get it Written.

In pursuit of your dreams, your foremost responsibility is keeping yourself motivated and informing the gravity to stay the hell away from you. Piyush Mishra wrote once, “Khwahishon ko jeb mein rakh kar chala kijiye, janab, kharch bahut hota hai manzilon ko pane mein,” which roughly translates to, “Carry desires like coins in your pockets, for pursuing goals are costly affairs.”

Under the hood

What we love and hate hijacks our attention. On the course of fighting the dark side, a hero eventually learns to empathize with it. Odds are if you now live in a free country, your freedom fighters were once declared terrorist by the contemporary government. The tormented eventually becomes the tormentor because what we seek is a reason for our hatred and… well let Nietzsche say it…