An itch for the impossible


In last two years, I have written more on dead bleached trees than minute reusable pixels. As I preferred the company of moon I soon discovered, it was much comfortable falling asleep on notebooks than keyboards. During this period, I visited Bangalore often and stayed there for long stretches. At one such visit, I was working on a concept for a book on creative mutations. An analysis on the effect these metaphorical genes, twenty-three in the count, will exhibit how they express themselves.

Journey before Destination

@ Varanasi

Varanasi had captured my imagination even before I ever visited. It is now inconceivable to imagine a time when I didn’t know her. The ceaseless, serene, and sight-rich walks in the ghats across temples and pyres, saints and sinners, locals and visitors had cast a powerful charm and left lasting graffiti on my memory walls.

I created and destroyed until I destroyed to recreate; I walked and sat until I sat to sprint again; I left and returned until I returned to bid bye.

in case of doubt, remember why you started.

The purpose of this series was to embrace a sense of consistency. As we near its conclusion with 2 more posts remaining in this series, it is a time for a little introspection. The theme of posts was intentionally left open to identify the topics that appeal to me publicly, topics that I identify with, and topics that I struggle to frame in the right perspective. The topics I covered reveals much about me and the ones I didn’t (or wouldn’t) cover also speaks volume.

Under the hood

What we love and hate hijacks our attention. On the course of fighting the dark side, a hero eventually learns to empathize with it. Odds are if you now live in a free country, your freedom fighters were once declared terrorist by the contemporary government. The tormented eventually becomes the tormentor because what we seek is a reason for our hatred and… well let Nietzsche say it…

To be or to become

Both art and kid can make a human of a man. Therefore, the theoretical lessons for arts are almost identical to parenting. It seems obvious considering kids and arts are both acts of creation, former a biological one, later a metaphysical one. The act of conception can be influenced, planned or sometimes accidental. Once conceived success and survival of both rests on three factors: incubation, nursing, and camouflage.