When ideas collide!

Excessive order kills creativity. Amidst this decorum of codified existence, serendipity often rescues us from stale monotony, often revealing a conspicuously evident yet unseen truth. Today, at work, I was seeking a collaborator, a soundboard to discuss a subject that has captured my imagination a few years ago. I was playing with the idea for a framework to codify ethics for Artifical Intelligence.

Artificial Intelligence’s journey had been a solitary one for a long time. They were handling specific tasks and often in silos. Recently, the efforts are converging towards a more communal organization of AIs — where they share learnings, lessons, and hacks with each other like a society.  As humans, it might work well from a utopian viewpoint but the reality is too creative to appreciate order.


“I notice a journey in your words and your passion to stay on the course. It’s beautiful, heartfelt and honest. But, tell me, what is your destination? What do you want to achieve? When in this journey will you say, “I’m here and I’m done and I’m happy.”? Does this journey ever end?” she asked.

It was a simple question yet it took me by surprise. I wasn’t prepared for this. I became inarticulate and couldn’t say anything convincing. I don’t think she noticed. There was more to come.

Goodbyes can lead to a new Hello!

My posts on this blog are getting rare and I am not proud of it. It isn’t the lack of inspiration and I don’t want to make excuses for my laziness or lack of motivation. This reminds me, I have not posted any pictures till date on this blog and it was an intentional decision to keep me focused on words in lieu of looking for shortcuts using aesthetic presentations. This changes today.

The colors of white.

Plans don’t work out as we often plan. Last Friday, I was supposed to travel home on an early morning flight, and I overslept. I woke up and canceled my return flight and the whole weekend opened up. I was on leave from Friday to Tuesday. I thought I will go to the office on Monday and here I am at home on a Monday pre-noon. So, what did I end up doing instead?

Pause and rewind!

After being primed by tons of references to “The Catcher in the Rye” there was no reason for me to not start it when I got my hands on this novel. It is written in the first person narrated by a sixteen year old boy called Houlden. I was almost three-quarters through the book when a line struck me. You know those lines for which you really read entire books? The lines that comes in a fast paced chapter and you suddenly hit the brakes… and stop… and rewind… yeah it was one of those lines.

Feedback and Inertia

“Your work is too dense on ideas.


Or, serve them as dumplings.”

I received this comment from a Bob Dylan’s fan, a retired journalist, and a massage enthusiast on vacation at Dharamkot. And it made me realize the importance of actionable feedbacks and how subtle they can be. His response was direct and had everything a well-framed criticism must have: perceived impression with a personal reflection, served with the telegram-worthy conciseness of words.

dreams on paper!

The best piece of advice I got recently is to draft a bucket list, edit it and get it printed. In the rare event of an encounter with a genie while traveling through the wilderness of life, this list was to serve as a reference to valid wishes. Though I always thought I had a sort-of bucket list hung on the interiors of my head, they really were a list of “why-not?-sure!-i-will-do-this-too” stamped on the wishes and acts of someone else.