Year-2010, Craig Venture had just created the first synthetic organism. He held a press conference to announce his achievement. The crowded auditorium got silence when he was asked, ‘Aren’t you worried that you’re playing God?’

He replied, ‘Who’s playing?’ *

So, if you are inspired by the above quote, in between the festivities of Christmas, discounts, bargains, lights, and cheer, I will attempt to list down the broad and essential steps you can take to start playing God.

Step – 1: Observe

A god can’t exist without devotees. The first step to play god is to observe your subjects, prospective devotees, in their natural habitat. Least you interfere, omnipresent you are. So, just use your senses. When scientists play this game, it is called Ethology. It is perfectly okay to stalk most species, right at their home and learn their signals, inside jokes and mating rituals too. Did you know, there is a killer female firefly, which tricks male firefly of another genus, by mimicking the mating ritual of their female counterparts (blinking in code) inviting them for an embrace of death.

Step – 2: Mimic

Since you are new to playing God, you aren’t required to do much. You are the idea man, the one who lights the path and sketches the plan. So once you get comfortable with unsolicited observation, you can start to create a sandboxed environment. You have to create your own based on your own observations. Since we have established a technical and scientific name for it—Biomimicry—it is perfectly legal. There is no copyright violations and IP lawsuits thereafter. You shall only utter this word in written to Google. God-mode till now is a bonus round with only carrots and no sticks.

“Good artists copy, Great artists steal.” — Picasso

Step – 3: Magic

All you have done is a copy, but God is great not just good. Great, only one ultimate step remains.

“When nature has work to be done, she creates a genius to do it.” — Ralph Waldo Emerson

You have already managed to establish godhood in the mimicked world. It is time to make it real. You cannot become a god if you don’t have devotee. If your species haven’t invented God yet then you do not get to become their God. There are only one species we are aware believes in it—Humans. What do we need to prove God? The answer is simple, always in front of us—Miracles.

“History began when humans invented gods, and will end when humans become gods” — Yuval Noah Harari

So, here is my message for the Christmas, “Manner manifest miracles. Mime me masterpiece maestros.”

Merry Christmas!

*This may be a creative assumption as I cannot find evidence. I hope he said so!