To be or to become

Both art and kid can make a human of a man. Therefore, the theoretical lessons for arts are almost identical to parenting. It seems obvious considering kids and arts are both acts of creation, former a biological one, later a metaphysical one. The act of conception can be influenced, planned or sometimes accidental. Once conceived success and survival of both rests on three factors: incubation, nursing, and camouflage.

An embryo upon conception needs a stable environment in a warm and safe womb to develop physically during the gestation period. This varies widely across species based on their size and environment. Humans babies typically have an average of 280 days of gestation for development.

An idea upon conception also needs gestation period inside a fertile mind to grow. Like it is impossible to raise an unborn child, it is impossible to craft an art from an ill-conceived or undeveloped idea. This gestation period varies based on the experiences, personality, and ambitions of an artist. It is the stage where an artist really embeds herself, and her influences, into the DNA of the art.


An infant, upon delivery, needs active nursing. It is essentially incapable of surviving without the external care. Even the strongest genes will teeter and fall without the initial nurture. This is the most basic requirement for a kid and a defining moment for parents. It is a process of essential growth for a kid and an exponential growth for parents.

An art once ideated, requires the skill, patience, and vigor to craft it into a piece. It is the phase of growth for an artist to develop her skill. It demands focus, attention and time. The ‘age of nurture’ is a demanding era of exponential artistic growth. This is when an idea pops into life through the competence of an established artist or through the perseverance of a budding artist.


Art reflects society and society inspire art. The two are like mirrors turned on themselves, forming an infinite spectacle. A conservative society will demand arts to adhere to established symbolism and eventually create polarisation. Whereas, a liberal society will reflect duality and paradoxes of existence. The art, as humans, in such societies seek the unity that will render completion.

Art, and most often kids too, are ritualistically cloaked by artists, and parents, as they are revealed to the society. These ornamentations define the choice picked by the creator from the available ones. A genre-defining act by which the creator identifies its audience. Art is a process of becoming more than an observer, by turning our brains inside out to reflect our own creation.