The Dark side of the moon

This post may get a little ominous. So, consider yourself warned, informed and requested to stop reading. Here is something you may enjoy instead – Indispensable Man

Whoever said honesty is the best policy may not have been completely honest with us. It may have been a joke that ironically became an earnest practice. I still wonder if there are a few people who are in on this joke and they have a laughter riot every weekend, watching the ever-shrinking scales on the graphs, celebrating our malleability.

They say when you are angry, write a letter to the person(s) that made you angry, describing the details, mentioning the specifics of what made you angry and how it made you feel. Then tear it, delete it, flush it, remove its traces–physically, electronically, and also from your system.

You are at your most creative when you are in love, or when you are furious, or when you feel cheated, or when you are enraged. Revenge is the trigger for extreme motivation and unparallel focus. It is the ultimate suffering of sane that feelings we classify as negative are the richest to mine.

The obvious but the most hushed purpose of life is to incite envy from others and to seek contentedness for oneself. In simple terms, when we seek fame, power, love, or money, we are intuitively applying economics to our actions to increase self-demand. We inevitably mark ourselves as the target of the kerosene dipped, burning arrows of other’s envy.

Have the people who claim to follow an inner bliss wondered about the honesty of that voice or the impact of choosing this auxiliary path guided by an uncalibrated moral compass? What if we awaken a dragon which was sound asleep, drowned in the ceaseless texts, lols, series, and shared gifs? Is their a contingency planned or is it a part of the elaborate joke?

It is human to be scared. We all get fearful, freeze to act right, and it scares us to be wrong. We suffer worst in our imaginations. We may put the brightest wallpapers on our inner walls, but when those wallpaper tears, the dark paint on the walls shows. When this happens, we stop inviting people inside ourselves, for they will see the horrors hidden beneath the surface and our dark foundations will reveal themselves.

Can there be a purpose to our life in which we are neither inspiration, or envy, or competition for anyone? What does it mean to be happy–to have a perfect partner, to get that coveted job, or to a life that is a fancy others dream?


Location: In transit to the dark side of the moon.