The crazy ones

I am a generation raised with muffled questions. I am a generation whose inner monologues also whispers in an interrogative tone. I am a generation where the luxury to personalise virtual worlds, mask my inert dogmas of social conformity. I am a generation trained to binge it all, but never educated to digest it.

We are a generation of submarines, but our corps are scared of depths. We consume, but are scared to poop. We are the matchsticks, too shy to ignite. We are trained to overlook anomalies. We are a generation comfortably tailing the red light, always driving through a fog.

Sure. I agree. We are that generation. But, that doesn’t sum us up. We are also a generation that dares to be naive and challenges the impossible. We are brave enough to look stupid, while we willing shed our own reputation for a cause.

We are a generation of changes and inspirations too; we are a generation of humans too; we are a generation of expressions too.

So, here is to the crazy ones. To a generation, that can laugh from their hearts and sparkle brighter than the stars. A generation that can shed tears in empathy and stand tall with generosity. A generation more aware, more concerned and more connected than ever before.

Here is to the nomads, who set out to chase the infinite and willingly lose path to help others. Here is to the players, who are playing not to win but to keep the game going. Here is to the gallant souls breasting through their fears, to chase their dreams.

Here is to the music they inspire. Here is to the art they create. Here is to love they share. Here is to the way they sign the space and time with their lives.

This is a tribute to the masters, to the mentors, to the gurus, who aren’t scared of surprises but awaits them, with a twinkle in their eyes. A tribute to the ones who design in reds. A tribute to the ones, who appreciate the importance of Yin inside Yang and contra.

You are an inspiration. Take a bow.