The best place to be is HERE

Place: Here

Time: Now

Revelations are like unveiling something hidden by a transparent cloak. It shouldn’t be a surprise because it was always there. But, the sheer act of unveiling, even a non-existent disguise, draws our attention to ever-present reality within.

There are three revelations that happened almost simultaneously yesterday. These are the things I knew, but when it popped into action, everything changed. In the world of written words, they go by a famous adage of “show don’t tell.’

Yesterday, I was discussing the 10,000 hours to mastery with a friend over a call. It was popularised by Gladwell when he cited that 10,000 hours of practice is the tipping point to master a skill. The conversation gradually moved to Daniel Pink’s argument on the three aspects of human motivation as autonomy, mastery, and purpose. He discusses this in detail in his book-Drive.

After walking through a brief of all three, I decided to go all Neil on the topic and argued that if you have two of these, you already have enough potential to complete the set. By 10,000 hours standard, mastery is generally the last item of the set and most difficult one to collect. But, if you have a purpose that you are pursuing it in an unthrottled manner, then you can serve consistently to achieve mastery.

Now, the revelations in sequence:

  1. Speak your thoughts out loud: This way you will not skip over the obvious parts. They are like articles–skimmed yet pivotal.
  2. Finish your sentences: Do not leave the sentences in between. Always finish them in a semantically and syntactically sound manner.
  3. Don’t panic when your inner voice starts to criticize: It is often worried about the change. Inertia is a symbolic safety to your contemporary persona and it will calm down as soon as you start.


I was revisiting the resolutions for the month. It is a little too cramped to do justice to two short stories this month So, the refurbished resolution is – a short story and a flash fiction with an optional craft essay by the end of the month. This will allow me to manage quality expectations on both fronts — programming and writing.