Rember to Remember.


Being born in this world, then given a name, an identity, a culture of heroism, only to discover that we are abandoned here with an untold expiry date. Brave is a human life.

The title ‘Rember to Remember’ is my most used editorial note while I was reviewing my work. While writing on paper, I was bravely using ‘rember’ for every occurrence of ‘remember’ (which was too many). The point is that the sheer volume of its occurrence had made this little phrase a personal message to mark the sections that explicitly needs editing as r2r.

There are times when you leave a part of you, but you couldn’t stay,

There are times when your heart speaks louder than your brain,

There are people you met and wished to have met before or ahead,

There are lives you lived, but do you remember those days?


Remember those days when we got up before everyone else,

Hoping to spend a few extra hours until our trip elapsed.

Remember how our greatest trouble was, which song to play next?

Who will take the wheels, and where to stop ahead?


Remember when race was in cycles and feet,

When life, even in pain, was a game without defeat.



I reckon, after extensive and liberal exploration, that most of the projects that I am inclined to pursue have very analog and real-world implications. An impactful role is far more motivating for me than an impressive logo, and a real-world use case is a very exciting canvas to render. These translations and understandings of analog to digital and vice-versa are often in the form of signals.

As my understanding about the digital signals is very primitive and abstract, I was exploring a textbook, The Scientist and Engineer’s Guide to Digital Signal Processing, for in-depth analysis of the subject. A line that resonated deeply with my learner’s attitude was, “subjects are to be used as a tool, not a new career.” Learning to tie knots is a skill and doesn’t need you to become a sailor, mountain climber, fireman or a tailor.

Stay Hungry!