Non-Hypothesis Driven Experiments

We understand our world through complements and contrasts. They say, the artists and neurotics don’t differ much in their ways of consuming the surrounding world, but the artists retain their sanity by forging means to channel the hefty chunks of society they swallow. Being out of their minds, most of the time, ain’t an alien description for most committed artists.

Curiosity is the trait they share with the scientists, equivocally excelling at it most of the time. Both scientists and artists share the same hunger for experiments as a young child. But, a scientist usually starts with a hypothesis, and artists often simply ride the flow of curiosity. There isn’t much distinction between the two routes to resolution on the surface. Still, in the end, a hypothesis is proven right or wrong, the quilt unfurls from the artist’s sight, and the curiosity gets quenched nonetheless.

The good part of the scientific community is we are allowed to fail, to have had failed hypothesis, and still publish those learnings for other curious fellows. But, that’s what they become–“failed hypothesis”. The future scientists will have to struggle hard, get more convincing cartilage for their arguments, to get it approved for the experiment. The artists are allowed the leaps and bounds of creative licences over the restrictions of bureaucracy, rules, and even reality.

In the tone of comparison that I have picked for this article, it won’t be far from reality where we compare artists as startups unafraid of failing, making mistakes, and quickly pivoting to different perspective during the course of their exploration. They wouldn’t be right, or wrong as there wasn’t a hypothesis vetted and written in stone.

As the established entities, large enough to sway at will without retributions and consequences, the scientific community cannot afford to grant observer’s prerogative and open interpretations. Both are essential. The artists must venture ahead into the unknown while continuing to challenge the norms and bursting the cocoon of staleness. The science will follow with proofs, pave the path forward, and fix wings on the butterflies of the future.

I have served science faithfully, and have been awestrucken by muse too. Earlier, I would’ve concluded with a choice, now I don’t.