Nihilism: What’s the point anyway!

Did you know why we call alphabet, alphabet?

Hint: The first two alphabets of Greek language are alpha and beta -> alpha-beta -> alphabet.



Did you know that all the captchas we filled to prove our humanness was used to digitize books?

Did you know that I thought I had a point to make when I started this post?

I thought I was the only one whose thoughts are devoted to undermining his fingers by sprinting at an unmatched pace. I was wrong. I then tried to console myself with an adage I made up. It went something like if I know I can do it, and chose not to do it I didn’t lose. But you can call me lazy. Right? Wrong again. Finally, I thought since I am on a streak of being wrong, let’s hit a hattrick. But, Instead, I went googling to figure out why we call it a hat-trick? In 1858, H.H. Stephenson dismissed three batsmen on consecutive balls. After the match, money was collected to present him a hat for his outstanding achievement, hence the hat-trick.

The point is I can’t remember the point anymore, but I have over 150 words in this post already. Now, I am loss averse. I do not want to dump this post just because there is no point to it. I am 200 words deep in this relationship. It is getting harder to get out with every alphabet. Alphabet! Yeah, it had something to do with alphabets and was more than just the first line.

I think the best part is that I didn’t give this post a title before I started writing. Because what is the point of having a structure anyway? Right? Who cares? Right, left, wrong, time, direction, money, nations, everything is subjective. An interconnected fictional story we made up to collectively believe and keep ourselves entertained while we ignore abyss’s desperate attempts to have a romantic and soulful gaze-a-thon.

Location: What’s the point anyway? Nothing is real.