in case of doubt, remember why you started.

The purpose of this series was to embrace a sense of consistency. As we near its conclusion with 2 more posts remaining in this series, it is a time for a little introspection. The theme of posts was intentionally left open to identify the topics that appeal to me publicly, topics that I identify with, and topics that I struggle to frame in the right perspective. The topics I covered reveals much about me and the ones I didn’t (or wouldn’t) cover also speaks volume.

Over the course, there were multiple instances when the routine of posting daily took precedence over quality. There were days when contents that lacked stories and the personal touch that was promised in the start. In retrospect, I was a little too close to the theme to see the bigger picture. These posts had personal significance but they couldn’t find the right place in the narrative. They are bright stars but yet not a part of the constellation.

The posts that were accepted widely by the alpha audience and the ones I had most fun writing were the ones that came effortlessly and got written by themselves.

As I mentioned earlier, it was personal research on consistency. I started this to spend more time editing my work. I started this to share stories of the past and the future. I have succeeded in being consistent. I did give some of my old and forgotten work a new voice through the series. I was successfully able to share some stories. Also, I unintentionally got preachy at places.

Yesterday, was the review on the last days under the lamp of the philosophy of overtnibble. At macro, the philosophy emphasizes open acceptance of ideas till they gradually develop a personal connection between them. It isn’t really a philosophy but a means to create one. Philosophies are like clothes, they fit best when tailored. The process is to explore the world–inside and outside, accept the influences–big and small, and then like a sculptor carve out the stone that hides the idol you see.


I should clarify the part about only two more posts remaining in a month-long series.

Argument (a): Consistency implies restriction; restriction forge habits; habits are the means to mastery.

Argument (b): Consistency breeds monotony; monotony breeds resentment; resentment affect quality.

Verdict: Maximum of 22 posts in a month.


Future plans:

I’ll be going dark for a while with only two more posts coming this month. The rest of the time will be devoted to completing the January¬†resolution, reading, travelling and editing/reframing the posts based on reviews and analysis.

Starting next month, I am planning to write essays on the places I visited over the last two years in India. The word limit is a little flexible from 300 to 700 words. It will depend on the personal or general importance of the place. I am tempted to include pictures but will strictly limit them to most of two per post.