Everything is a research

To convey a message in a shared semantics is the art of storytelling. Strong stories serve us intimate life lessons and summon immense emotions. Even though, as humans, we evolve primally with stories, immersion in the craft can reveal some hidden chapters. I entered the realm of dream weavers with no prior experience but for my love of the medium.

“If we knew what it was we were doing, it would not be called research, would it?” — Albert Einstein

The most resonating message in fields of creative expression is to explore–both internally and externally. As artistic expression is a creative extension of our reality and aspirations, hence a creative license resolutely develops an insatiable and enormous appetite for diversity.

Writing is a long-term goal. It’ll make you learn new skills, sometimes to do justice to your characters. It’ll invite you to examine a situation with multiple perspectives. Most importantly, it will make shatter your dogmas and reveal things that were invisible to you before. And, this journey will teach you how to recognize and celebrate your success with or without external validations.

Being a student again once you have been a master of something is the most liberating thing to do.


I’ll be recreating my website (not this one) from bottom up in February to develop and showcase my other projects. I am excited to go back to a world without paradoxes and metaphors. Scratch that. The world of machine learning is as paradoxical as ours if not more. We have remarkably wane clues about their inner workings anymore. It is as exciting as the reality itself.

Two short stories (no flash fiction) to come out next month.

There will be at least 15 shorter posts on locations. I haven’t decided on a format. So, it could be poetry, prose, story, essay, anything.


Something remarkable happened yesterday, I was revisiting my January resolution and realized that the stories I promised were supposed to follow themes. It was disheartening as I totally forgot I listed them when I was writing the stories. To my surprise, they ended up following them anyway.

Goodbye January, You were delightful!