Dream is dead, long live the Dream!

I don’t know to whom this letter is to be addressed. But, I am writing this with a belief that words have a way of finding their right readers. These words will eventually reach you, the right pair of eyes. It may meet random passerby along its journey to you. It may smile at few, frown at some, and be indifferent to others, but it will eventually find you. When it does, it will unwrap itself for you to accept it or reject it and it will not matter for it has done its journey.

Robert Schuller said these words, “Build a dream and dream will build you.” The world is full of exciting and stimulating things, but it will occur to you once and then again, that all the richness that surrounds you isn’t enough to hold your attention any longer. You might have already felt it sometimes in your life or you may be feeling it now. There are so many things to do and so many things you would like to do but we are all ultimately bounded by time and our motivations.

I have read it somewhere that we are all killers, we have all killed seconds, minutes, hours and some of us have killed a lifetime. It is addictive, and it doesn’t take much to become a serial and professional time-killing machine. It is one of the many universal thoughts that we as humans share with entire species. This profession of killing time is agnostic to our beliefs, age, income bracket, or nationality.

Only when (and if), you really find that ‘one thing you would not give up’ you realize how little time you really have to keep killing time for past-time. If you find that one thing, then you shouldn’t wait any longer to devour it and dismantle it, and don’t be afraid to fuck it up. It is when you fuck it up, you realize you have to fix it. It is when you go fixing it, you figure out all the magic that worked underneath it and you never saw it. In the world where opening something voids its warranty, it’s scary to make something really ours by understanding it. If people tell you it is broken beyond repair, and you can give it up. It is okay to move on and just give up on it. But, if it is unacceptable to you then don’t believe it is impossible, for then you have found a dream, a dream that is unfinished and it won’t let you sleep (or dream again) unless you finish it.

Everyone should once face this agonizing pain to finish something or to make something or achieve something–it builds you. Our objectives drive our decisions. It makes us stand up for something, choose and weigh our choices with our goal in permanent peripherals. It motivates us and instills fear against renouncing our precious dream. Remember, fear isn’t bad. It is highly misunderstood and an uncelebrated angel on our shoulder that wants to keep us safe, protect our loved ones, and scares us at the thought of losing our precious. It is that fear that gets work done. So fear enough to not lose sight of your goals but recognize when your fear tries to paint your dream out of your peripherals for sake of comfort or conformity. To conquer your fears start by overcoming your addiction to killing seconds after seconds and instead employ these seconds to pace your gait on the path of your dreams.

Do you know that feeling when you finally have everything you wished but it doesn’t matter anymore because the journey to the destination has changed you? The person who wanted these ‘things’ is no longer there inside you. Congratulations! You are now trained to kill more than just time, you can kill yourself–your past self–and start on a new journey. Where you will kill again–sometimes seconds, sometimes days–until you find something that makes you pace again to a new destination, to become a new person. That is how life works… sometimes you die with a dream, sometimes a dream dies in you.

Stay blessed!