Don’t get it Right. Get it Written.

In pursuit of your dreams, your foremost responsibility is keeping yourself motivated and informing the gravity to stay the hell away from you. Piyush Mishra wrote once, “Khwahishon ko jeb mein rakh kar chala kijiye, janab, kharch bahut hota hai manzilon ko pane mein,” which roughly translates to, “Carry desires like coins in your pockets, for pursuing goals are costly affairs.”

Currently, these two stories can envelop my contemporary inspirations.

The first is an account of a famous wrestler from 6th-century Croton. His name was Milo. After losing to him in a domestic contest, his opponent proposed another challenge to Milo. Instead of a duel, it was a test of strength, power, and training. They were to meet again on the same day next year and lift a bull on their shoulder. Milo accepted the challenge. Next year at the contest, he lifted the bull and carried it over his shoulder for a parade across town, while his opponents sweated to lift it even an inch off the ground.

What did he do to achieve this triumph? He started by lifting and carrying a small calf with him from the first day of the challenge. As the calf grew in size and weight, his strength also grew gradually, till he can effortlessly lift the bull and carry it.

The second story is about two painters. The first of whom was driven to create a masterpiece and worked on it for a decade. Every stroke, line, shade, color, and composition was well contemplated and researched. He feared to do wrong to his work and carefully weighed and considered every step before taking it.

His friend, the second painter, who started with him created a painting every fortnight and had painted and sold dozens of them. His work may not have been exceptional, but he experimented broad and deep, learning and improving his techniques with every piece he finished. While he had a portfolio of work, some were mediocre, some bad, yet there were now some extraordinary creations that had his initials on them.

Show up. Write. You do not have to be right. And for your masterpiece, it needs a master to carve it out; become one.