An itch for the impossible


In last two years, I have written more on dead bleached trees than minute reusable pixels. As I preferred the company of moon I soon discovered, it was much comfortable falling asleep on notebooks than keyboards. During this period, I visited Bangalore often and stayed there for long stretches. At one such visit, I was working on a concept for a book on creative mutations. An analysis on the effect these metaphorical genes, twenty-three in the count, will exhibit how they express themselves.

The aim was to create an index, atlas, reference, thesaurus, and encyclopedia for exploring an inner castle autonomously. I didn’t know the answers to what, why or how. But, I had the epigraph contain the message, “All advice is autobiographical,” followed by, “Books are time machines.” Today I was dusting that time machine, and the following are the excerpts from Expression 10: An itch for the impossible.

— “By hiding the error cases from the view, we create miracles.” The best of the stage-magicians exploits this technique and nature does it too. Evolution is a perfect example of eliminating dumb and untimely mistakes. Our ancestry tree is a visible, stupendous, and an unbroken string of triumphs. More than 90% of all the creatures who had ever lived have died childless, but none of our ancestors suffered that fate. Talk about a line of charmed lives![1]

— Humans are territorial as a virtue of our animalistic nature. We invariably build fences and set up rules to protect these territories. But, if you were to march on a virgin realm there are no fences established yet to keep you out. No one had yet defined the possibilities to refrain a wishful attempt.

— Plan your projects, especially the overwhelming ones. Planning italicizes the need to check for errors at every step and formulate possible recourses to a remedial path. Once we have the timeline and framework in place, we can be bold in our execution, be ready to take advantage of unlikely success, cope gracefully with likely failures, cast magical spells, and scratch that impossible itch.