A Time Capsule

They say every suggestion is autobiographical. It reveals our past as events or desires that are laced with possibilities that could have been a reality or a reality unrecognizable now but were once possible. So, as the conclusion of the final chapter of March, I am noting a few things that might seem alien to my future self. A letter from the past for the future.

Our most important realization must be the impact of consistency. I was very bad at typing. I didn’t make typos, at least not enough to be called bad, but I typed with only two to four fingers. Learning to type by looking at the screen and by using all ten fingers have saved hours if I aggregate them. It is all relative though, of course. I could continue to do so and reach a high wpm average while drastically reducing the mistakes that sweep through the lines when I am looking for a ‘G’ or a ‘W’ on my qwerty keypad or I may stop practising and again start writing myself instead of my fingers doing the work for me. I could be this descriptive and boring here. I am writing a letter to myself and I know there were times when even we can bore ourselves with our own examples. So, look out when you are being too self-involved to notice that it might be boring you to death.

Stay consistent but don’t let the curiosity die. They are not exclusive to one another rather consistency can deliver a conclusion to the curiosity unless you are looking to stay curious just because it seems cool to be confusing. This entire journey was a result of a commitment to consistency made over three months ago. It is a content space where you are right now and it is a good place to find comfort in life so you can rebel consistently with your words. Why not I say? You ain’t doing it to impress anyone. So, keep doing it. Also, I hope that you do apply for that emerging writer contest till you get through or become ineligible. I hope you would pursue that. This isn’t for fame or money and it never was. It is about doing something that you would love to do anyhow. Every time you type something, you create it and see it appear in front of you, that in itself is a rewarding feeling. There are more reasons and I don’t think that you will be losing this anytime soon. If you may then write about those then to remind our successor.

Another important theme that you should definitely remember and it will be helpful to reform yourself if you ever need it again is — Believe in something. Anything. But, believe it will last till you want it to or till you find an alternative. Belief is like a thread that all the beads need to stay together and it is important to have the conviction that comes from this togetherness to do anything of value. It gives strength to fight haters, pacifiers, and above all gravity–our inertia to stay at the pit.

Do remember that you loved it most when you were confused but still believed in magic. Sure, it may sound a crude word like ‘truth‘ but it has its moments–chance, probability, luck, call it whatever but a little, unsolicited nudge can make big difference in the canvas of life. So, do embrace and spread it once a while.

The best part you were not allowed to fail in this race. It was rigged for success. You were competing with yourself so, you are bound to get better. So don’t leave the game just yet. Not today. Not tomorrow. Remember the finite games are played to win but the infinite ones are played for the game to go on and on.

I wish luck, belief and consistency for you and always a little magic for the flavour.