A journey worthy of celebration!

It is the second day of the sketching challenge and I learned a little about human face anatomy. It feels good. It is so amusing, how some simple lines and curves placed in a defined arrangement can give us a sense of recognition. It is one thing to know something and an entirely different experience to do it.

Today, I tried profiling a human face. All with a pencil and an eraser. I find it interesting, how big things are collections of smaller pieces coming together. It is so much like life and love and friendship and personality. The little things make us who we are and we are defined by them. A place, a fragrance, a phrase can flood us with so many memories. Isn’t our memories are a collection of smaller events gathered together. So, cheers to all the smaller things, impromptu stupidity and little learnings that make our lives alive and recognizable.

This reminds me of the time I started creating maṇḍalas. It starts by putting a dot or a tiny circle in the middle of the paper. Then, we chose another shape — a circle, line, triangle, curve, anything and put it eight times across the circle. That is it. All we got to do it keep choosing another shape and repeat the process, over and over, till we stop or run out of space. It is meditative on how a small process, repeated enough time can create beauty. Learning, loving, living, it is all small things done repeatedly until it grows to our content or we run out of space to accommodate more.

Personally, I have started to call myself a struggling writer now. It means I have to keep writing even on the uninspired days, do the repeated tasks, find a reason and a space to accommodate my words until I run out of them or get content. Currently, I am hoping for neither because this journey itself is worthy of celebration.