Stories that needed you…

There is a song inside, that I feel is fine.
Little shy from lips, and not a tune that rhyme.

Few alphabets with shades of blue.
Some stories never needed you.

Don’t you have a call to make?
How about those walks you take?

Why not leave it as it is?
We can always do it later babe.

Not today; umhmm, just not today.
Isn’t it what we always say?

I’ve nowhere to run; no one to hide.
No place to go and no memory to guide.

let’s talk today, I am all here.
Yes, I am done with everyone ‘right’ there.

Show me your depth, I’ll watch the mirror.
Objects behind are closer than they appear.

Is it your scent hypnotizing?
Or it’s your touch mesmerizing?

Today, let me ask the questions.
You promise – not to speak.

Forget changing this world; It will fit just right.
Why bother yourself through these sleepless nights?

There is no curtain here that will fall.
No one will say – “it’s over and that is all”.

Your part is what you play.
Yes, and you know it all the way.

Call it an orchestra, maybe a relay?
Why will it matter what anyone says?

Today, Just give it all you got.
That, right there, is your spot.

Listen to that heart and you might just break.
Broken or fine; we will rebase.

These stitches and thread, doesn’t make you old.
It’s a sign – there is love, just a little more.

Scariest imaginations and your hidden desires,
trust me, they are not your only attires.

Today raise your feet and bet it all.
I’ll place the cushions, in case you fall.

I forgot the rhythm, this silence was long.
Whisper to me, and I will remember our song.

let’s talk today, I am all here.
Yes, I am finally done with everyone ‘right’ there.

These alphabets may have shades of blue.
Do you remember the stories that needed you?