My Heart listens to no reason.

Reasons are many for me to stop,
to turn back, returning to paved paths,
dark nights and these unknown trails
hold secret promises, never unveiled.

Untamed dreams come pouring to eyes,
old songs of separation passing wind revise
in a long journey with unnammed destination,
my beating heart refuses any reason.

Ephemeral magic or an enduring myth
past memories or an approaching bliss
a trick of mirrors or an illusion severe
my singing heart registers nothing queer.

Walking deserted paths and crowded sky,
realizing how maiden beauty can make you cry
parading carefree these unmarked miles,
my wandering heart denies constructs of choice.

Arrested forever in a stalemate, I wonder
these riddles must storm through every mind.
sooner or later, this life is rigged to sonder,
my heart still declares no faith with its kind.

Peaks zoom from starry sky, witnessing
my parade into the void, the risk I took
with ignorance as my guide, I stride
away from belongings I never did abide

Accepting dissonance from a barren past,
my heart skipping towards this exquisite pass,
may peace be with you my dreaming heart,
and mercy upon those who shall let you pass.

— Dedicated to a fellow admirer of dichotomy.