The colors of white.

Plans don’t work out as we often plan. Last Friday, I was supposed to travel home on an early morning flight, and I overslept. I woke up and canceled my return flight and the whole weekend opened up. I was on leave from Friday to Tuesday. I thought I will go to the office on Monday and here I am at home on a Monday pre-noon. So, what did I end up doing instead?

Since this was a planned visit, most of the people I know here think that I am traveling, so I had no distractions and no meet-up plans. Friday after a little retrospection over the wasted fare, I decided to not waste the weekend sulking and try on some novel experiences. It had been a while I went exploring alone. I searched for what I shall do. It had been long since I got a massage and I needed to unwind. I searched for good places and stumbled across SPA.ce. It was close to my location and I have never tried hot-stone massage before. So I booked a 4hrs package at the terrace of Hilton, Bellandur. I called up and got the details about the services and blocked a slot for Sunday Morning.

While researching the spa, I came across 1000petals. They got an interesting tagline that captured my attention, ‘science meets spirituality’. They offer sensory-deprivation chamber, which I heard about from Heiki, a fellow backpacker-friend from Finland, while we were traveling in Manali. I wanted to try it. While researching, I also found they offer another experience called Lucia No 3 light experience. I called them up, got the info and booked a combo session to have an hour of sensory deprivation in floatation tank and a half hour of Lucia experience.

The floatation tank inhibits any lights and sound and floatation chamber is mixed with salt to provide ample buoyancy to keep you afloat effortlessly. The lights go off, earplugs on, and you lay floating on water. After a little disorientation, it is usual to lose track of time. It was quite an experience. I felt relaxed. But, I was not anticipating what I will experience next. After a nice shower, some papaya, and fluids, it was time for Lucia experience.

I was comfortably set up in a comfortable recliner sofa. I was told that I shall keep my eyes closed while the machine flashed a sequence of bright and dim light on my forehead. I was guided to sync my breath with the light’s intensity. After some time, the frequency of brightness was tuned to a preset. It is ineffable. It was like the animations in trance music with geometrical motions and different colors, like a kaleidoscope. It was exactly that, only my eyes were closed and everything was surrounding me in 3 dimensions.

I thought that the light is changing colors and I am perceiving them. I was wrong, when the session was over and I removed the headphones, Vishnu, who facilitated the experience told me, it was only white light all along and it was my head, my pineal gland was responsible for this colorful experience, and it is unique for everyone. That was the frisson of a lifetime. I would be trying the Lucia again soon. It was something I had never experienced before. So, I think sometimes, it is alright when the plans do not go exactly as planned.