Goodbyes can lead to a new Hello!

My posts on this blog are getting rare and I am not proud of it. It isn’t the lack of inspiration and I don’t want to make excuses for my laziness or lack of motivation. This reminds me, I have not posted any pictures till date on this blog and it was an intentional decision to keep me focused on words in lieu of looking for shortcuts using aesthetic presentations. This changes today.

To make blogging more interesting again, I am starting a new project as of today. I was trying to spare time to start drawing for a long while now, and this seems like an apt opportunity. I am a total newbie, and for this week, I’ll be sketching every day. I am hoping to get better, or at least compare my work to see if I inched a little forward over this month.

This will be an end to the image block from any future posts. A period is an end and a new beginning.