Time Will Reflect

Here is a parable:

There once was a builder. All he remembered of his life was building houses. As a kid, he would make sand castles, design them, collect abandoned articles from debris for decoration, and spend days on little details that would never be noticed by most. But, he knew, he will know and will tell everyone who would listen.

When he grew up, he went to the city to find work. He got a job as a bricklayer. He loved his work. He immersed himself in his work. Miraculous things happen when talent and dream convene. His craft got the much-deserved attention when a renowned mason, impressed by his competence, took him under his wings. In few years, he was designing the buildings for the wealthiest. His designs became the attractions of famous cities. He was now one of the most celebrated architects in the country but, something was amiss. He was still unsatisfied.

Eventually, pestered by his inner voice incessant sirens of unidentified trouble, like a splinter in his throat, he leaves the city that was now a canvas of his dreams.

But how can he run from the voice within?

The silence of seclusion and the abundance of time tuned his senses to receive and locate the signals. He wandered through mountains, oceans, rivers, desert, and towns, searching for the source of that constant call reciting his name. People in the city soon forgot his name. Like Jenga, in life, there is always scope to remove a block but keep the building.

One day, he saw a kid struggling to fix his broken sandcastle. He went to him, reformed the ruin, and taught him how to add a moat with a secret passage under it that will connect the castle to the jungle. It was years since he played with sand. He had experience now that made the castle more real. It was intuitive and exciting. As he imagined and so it became. It was his destination. He needed the journey to come back to the sand.

He had made many sandcastles before, but it was time for him to build one for himself. This time with love again.


“There are things we ignore because we are new to them, and then there are things we ignore because we are close to them.”

One for our fear of failure, and another for our fear of success.

The road to the top of the mountain is curved, for it requires you to know, you must observe the same view from multiple perspectives to reach there.

Though, I am working on a few projects. My resolution for February is to rekindle the flame of talking to compiler and interpreters and resurrect an old and dear accomplice.


January, I kept my promises.

February will be dedicated to flirt with locations [15 posts], celebrate love and log the process of revival.