Month: October 2018

I wish I had a typewriter

I was in attendance at the Bangalore Literature Festival this weekend where I encountered @pagesweturned sitting under a tree with her beautiful, portable typewriter. It has been a while since I saw a typewriter and the sound of her poetry in creation was mesmerizing to my ears. When she was casting her mind on the paper, I was accessing how we have moved from physically collecting our interest and surrounding ourselves with it, to digitally owning them. But, before that happened, I really wished to have a typewriter.

When ideas collide!

Excessive order kills creativity. Amidst this decorum of codified existence, serendipity often rescues us from stale monotony, often revealing a conspicuously evident yet unseen truth. Today, at work, I was seeking a collaborator, a soundboard to discuss a subject that has captured my imagination a few years ago. I was playing with the idea for a framework to codify ethics for Artifical Intelligence.

Artificial Intelligence’s journey had been a solitary one for a long time. They were handling specific tasks and often in silos. Recently, the efforts are converging towards a more communal organization of AIs — where they share learnings, lessons, and hacks with each other like a society.  As humans, it might work well from a utopian viewpoint but the reality is too creative to appreciate order.


“I notice a journey in your words and your passion to stay on the course. It’s beautiful, heartfelt and honest. But, tell me, what is your destination? What do you want to achieve? When in this journey will you say, “I’m here and I’m done and I’m happy.”? Does this journey ever end?” she asked.

It was a simple question yet it took me by surprise. I wasn’t prepared for this. I became inarticulate and couldn’t say anything convincing. I don’t think she noticed. There was more to come.