Month: June 2018

Stories aren’t written, they are re-written.

In life, we have great days and we have the other ones. Today was somewhere in between. I am a bit commitment-phobic. So, I’ve recently accepted a highly demanding job where commitment has to be made and kept. I am intentionally putting myself in positions where I can challenge myself and test my boundaries. There is no book that can teach you about yourself, but you. So, write your chapter and don’t forget to read it too. If it isn’t interesting for you to re-visit, it won’t be for anyone else.

Goodbyes can lead to a new Hello!

My posts on this blog are getting rare and I am not proud of it. It isn’t the lack of inspiration and I don’t want to make excuses for my laziness or lack of motivation. This reminds me, I have not posted any pictures till date on this blog and it was an intentional decision to keep me focused on words in lieu of looking for shortcuts using aesthetic presentations. This changes today.

The colors of white.

Plans don’t work out as we often plan. Last Friday, I was supposed to travel home on an early morning flight, and I overslept. I woke up and canceled my return flight and the whole weekend opened up. I was on leave from Friday to Tuesday. I thought I will go to the office on Monday and here I am at home on a Monday pre-noon. So, what did I end up doing instead?