Month: February 2018

Would you choose truth over order?

The most flexible month of any year concludes tomorrow and so does the second month of this year (okay and duh!). This time February was very experimental for me. Every week was different. Starting with re-coding my website in the first week, exploring theories of DSP–Digital Signal Processing in the second week (I discontinued it even though it was really interesting. I shall pick it up maybe?!), and then deciding to focus on writing only what comes naturally for a while.

Pillow Talks

I wonder the stories pillows will unveil if they were the gossipy kinds. I wonder the secrets they will spill, shared to them in the privacy of night. I wonder if they will whisper to you the names of all who have snuggled with them before. I wonder if it’s promiscuous, for they comfort everyone and no one has ever called them a bore. I wonder if we would really sleep with them if they weren’t so silent. They know our dreams, they listen to our thoughts, they hear our snores, and they comfort our indoors.

The Dark side of the moon

This post may get a little ominous. So, consider yourself warned, informed and requested to stop reading. Here is something you may enjoy instead – Indispensable Man

Whoever said honesty is the best policy may not have been completely honest with us. It may have been a joke that ironically became an earnest practice. I still wonder if there are a few people who are in on this joke and they have a laughter riot every weekend, watching the ever-shrinking scales on the graphs, celebrating our malleability.

Don’t get it Right. Get it Written.

In pursuit of your dreams, your foremost responsibility is keeping yourself motivated and informing the gravity to stay the hell away from you. Piyush Mishra wrote once, “Khwahishon ko jeb mein rakh kar chala kijiye, janab, kharch bahut hota hai manzilon ko pane mein,” which roughly translates to, “Carry desires like coins in your pockets, for pursuing goals are costly affairs.”

A walk to nowhere


I wrote a prose one day to capture a heartbreaking goodbye. The awareness of the impending separation and slim expectations of meeting again. Not just meeting but meeting under favorable circumstances.

But, where did it all start? It seems like a few random turns took us there, yet we wonder — can coincidences be so well planned?