Month: January 2018

Time Will Reflect

Here is a parable:

There once was a builder. All he remembered of his life was building houses. As a kid, he would make sand castles, design them, collect abandoned articles from debris for decoration, and spend days on little details that would never be noticed by most. But, he knew, he will know and will tell everyone who would listen.

in case of doubt, remember why you started.

The purpose of this series was to embrace a sense of consistency. As we near its conclusion with 2 more posts remaining in this series, it is a time for a little introspection. The theme of posts was intentionally left open to identify the topics that appeal to me publicly, topics that I identify with, and topics that I struggle to frame in the right perspective. The topics I covered reveals much about me and the ones I didn’t (or wouldn’t) cover also speaks volume.

Under the hood

What we love and hate hijacks our attention. On the course of fighting the dark side, a hero eventually learns to empathize with it. Odds are if you now live in a free country, your freedom fighters were once declared terrorist by the contemporary government. The tormented eventually becomes the tormentor because what we seek is a reason for our hatred and… well let Nietzsche say it…

dreams on paper!

The best piece of advice I got recently is to draft a bucket list, edit it and get it printed. In the rare event of an encounter with a genie while traveling through the wilderness of life, this list was to serve as a reference to valid wishes. Though I always thought I had a sort-of bucket list hung on the interiors of my head, they really were a list of “why-not?-sure!-i-will-do-this-too” stamped on the wishes and acts of someone else.

To be or to become

Both art and kid can make a human of a man. Therefore, the theoretical lessons for arts are almost identical to parenting. It seems obvious considering kids and arts are both acts of creation, former a biological one, later a metaphysical one. The act of conception can be influenced, planned or sometimes accidental. Once conceived success and survival of both rests on three factors: incubation, nursing, and camouflage.